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The Virtual Metabolic Human

The world of biomedical knowledge at your fingertips...

Metabolism plays a pivotal role in many human diseases and is modulated by intrinsic and extrinsic factors.
The Virtual Metabolic Human database (VMH) explicitly connects human metabolism with genetics, human-associated microbial metabolism, nutrition, and diseases. At its core, there are genome-scale reconstructions of human and gut microbial metabolism, which have been assembled based on manually curated genomic, biochemical, and phenotypic information. These metabolic reconstructions are amenable for computational modeling and can be downloaded from the VMH.

All VMH entities are

i) accompanied with comprehensive data on their biochemical properties,

ii) interconnected through a common nomenclature, allowing for complex search queries across its diverse information, and

iii) connected to over 50 external databases.

Importantly, the VMH also host human metabolic maps, allowing for query and overlay of experimental and computational data, as well as a genotype-to-phenotype map for Leigh disease.
We are continuously expanding the database content and its links to biomedical and clinical information. The VMH targets researchers from all life science domains, including metabolomics, microbiome, and systems biomedicine.

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