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“I really can't recommend this programme enough. I met new people, produced a community engagement project I am genuinely proud of, attended research symposia on fascinating topics, and contributed to research. I feel that I have developed both personally and professionally during my time at this programme, and for that, I am very grateful!” – Ciara Varley, University of Galway ​ “Having signed up for Virtuome, I knew I would get research experience. I was, however, also pleased to find answers to some of my most pressing questions regarding both science and my career path. My passion for science and being in the lab will always remain strong, but Virtuome reinforced my belief that I also belong in science communication, where I can share the very science that I love with others. My sincere thanks to the Virtuome team for contributing to my personal and professional development on so many levels - it is an experience I will always cherish.” – Andreea Atanasescu, Trinity College Dublin ​ "Virtuome 2023 is the perfect opportunity to get first-hand research experience as an undergraduate student but, from the comfort of your own home! It is an opportunity to experience a snippet of the big world but, from the comfort of your own home. For me, this is a no brainer. Under the continuous,  steady, and reliable guidance of the best mentor you could possibly have, grasp this opportunity with both hands, three if you have another, and dive right into this programme. Practice and perfect your presentation, team work, communication, collaboration, and digital skills, all while making the best of friends with like-minded folk along the way! 2023 Virtuome Programme: feeling anticipatory for what's to come of us now with this experience under our belts. Over and out ;)” – Eva Coy, University College Cork

Since 2020, Virtuome encompasses:

1 Programme

3 Countries

4 Irish Universities

5 Biomedical resources

12 Community involvement projects​

18 Teams

74 Alumni

1,353 Community contributors

Virtuome organisation team members:

Dr Cyrille Thinnes, Prof. Ines Thiele, Ms Renee Waschkowitz

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