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Virtuome 2023 edition: 22nd May – 14th July 2023

1 Programme

1 Task forces

2 Irish universities

2 Teams

8 Weeks

7 STEM undergraduates

576 Community contributors

For its summer 2023 edition, Virtuome welcomed 7 competitively selected participants from 2 Irish universities (University of Galway & UCC), including from cross-functional STEM backgrounds and years 1-4. Now in its 3rd consecutive year running from 22nd May – 14th July 2023, our participants advanced the creation of a state-of-the-art biochemical network visualisation of human drug metabolism, implemented 2 Digital Health community involvement projects, and experienced steep learning curves including project management, team leadership, and science communications. Our learnings were complemented through symposia with a diverse range of stakeholders, with a particular focus on Engaged Research.

Virtuome shall continue to catalyse VMH impact by building a sustainable community of future leaders in Digital Health, lasting beyond programme conclusion. “Although the programme ends, the community persists” remained the closing motto of the 2023 edition.


"This progamme was an invaluable experience for me. The biomedical and community involvement research was thoroughly engaging and interesting. I experienced a level of feedback on my work I had not experienced before in University that I found incredibly constructive. I learned irreplaceable team work and research skills that I will carry with me throughout my career. I feel that I am a better scientist for having participated in Virtuome 2023.” – Megan Freeney, University College Cork “The Virtuome program has transformed my perspective on research. Prior to participating, I had always believed that my interests solely resided in the technical aspects. However, learning about engaged research through our community projects opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities. Working with people from other backgrounds helped broaden my perspective on science and learn new skills. The program changed my opinion on group projects, my team members in Virtuome were very friendly, insightful and helpful, the projects came together without much stress. Working as a group was the highlight of the program, something I never would have expected. Thank you Virtuome.” – Rachel Harris, University of Galway "Virtuome 2023 is the perfect opportunity to get first-hand research experience as an undergraduate student but, from the comfort of your own home! It is an opportunity to experience a snippet of the big world but, from the comfort of your own home. For me, this is a no brainer. Under the continuous,  steady, and reliable guidance of the best mentor you could possibly have, grasp this opportunity with both hands, three if you have another, and dive right into this programme. Practice and perfect your presentation, team work, communication, collaboration, and digital skills, all while making the best of friends with like-minded folk along the way! 2023 Virtuome Programme: feeling anticipatory for what's to come of us now with this experience under our belts. Over and out ;)” – Eva Coy, University College Cork “The Virtuome programme was a fantastic opportunity for me to hone my presentation skills. It was also a great way to experience scientific research firsthand instead of the typical theoretical learning in university modules. I would highly recommend this programme to anyone who is a STEM undergraduate as an introduction to research as a potential career.” – Aoife McDarby, University of Galway “The Virtuome experience has been so insightful especially if you would like to pursue a career in research. This has shown me I would love a career in research but also how my presentation, team work & communication skills have drastically improved. Not only did it make me more of a well rounded scientist but I have made some great friends along the way!” – Mya McCarthy - Hogan, University College Cork "Participating in the program was an enriching experience that provided clear goals and a focused vision. Being part of a team allowed for collaborative and specialized work. The taskforce visualization project enhanced my scientific skills, while the community engagement aspect enabled valuable research on dietary triggers for migraines. The program's results-oriented approach led to tangible outcomes, and I appreciated the opportunity to contribute to real-world scientific understanding. Overall, the program was transformative, offering a diverse and engaging environment for expanding knowledge and making a meaningful impact.” – Omar Konswah, University of Galway "Virtuome was a very rewarding experience for me as I learned extremely valuable interpersonal and professional skills and received concrete advice that I will always carry with me going forward. From scientific report writing to drug-mapping and weekly presentations, every moment was a learning experience that I was able to share with a group of amazing and talented students. To the team of Virtuome organisers, my sincere thanks for this opportunity and for coordinating such a fulfilling programme..” – Emily Carvalho, University College Cork

Virtuome 2022 - VMH organisation team:

Dr Cyrille Thinnes, Renee Waschkowitz, Prof. Ines Thiele

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