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Thank you for joining us at the Internships & Graduate Positions Fair 2024!

We are inviting open applications from current STEAM students and graduates with a demonstrable interest in tackling health challenges through digital skills. Previous experience in programming, metabolism, or science communicaton are desirable, not essential. Check out our websites and send your CV and a short outline of how you would envisage contributing the team to Prof. Ines Thiele: ines.thiele(at) To apply to the Virtuome summer school, please follow the designated procedure on Virtuome2024.


​We propose the following selected publications to gain a birdseye overview on our recent scientific advancements:

​1. Thiele, I., Sahoo, S., Heinken, A., Hertel, J., Heirendt, L., Aurich, M.K., Fleming, R.M.T., "Personalized whole-body models integrate metabolism, physiology, and the gut microbiome", Molecular Systems Biology, 16:e8982 (2020).​


2. Heinken, A., Hertel, J., Acharya, G., Ravcheev, D. A., Nyga, M., Okpala, O. E., Hogan, M., Magnúsdóttir, S., Martinelli, F., Nap, B., Preciat, G., Edirisinghe, J. N., Henry, C. S., Fleming, R. M. T., Thiele, I., "Genome-scale metabolic reconstruction of 7,302 human microorganisms for personalized medicine." Nat Biotechnol (2023).


3. Basile, A., Heinken, A., Hertel, J., Smarr, L., Li, W., Treu, L., Valle, G., Campanaro, S., Thiele, I., "Longitudinal flux balance analyses of a patient with episodic colonic inflammation reveals microbiome metabolic dynamics", Gut Microbes, 15:1 (2023).


Molecular Systems Physiology Group

We are hiring!
Join our fantastic team of interdisciplinary, international researchers!

We are actively looking for highly motivated researchers to join our international, interdisciplinary, and dynamic team.

Openings may be available for:

- Master students

- PhD students

- Postdoctoral fellows

- Software engineers

Applications can be sent directly to Prof. Ines Thiele: ines.thiele(at) and should contain a detailed CV and a cover letter detailing the researcher's interest in our research and for joining our research group.

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